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A wise old English saying states that no one remembers second place. However, in Ireland's world of gambling, this couldn't be further from the truth. While the Novomatic Group and its brand Novoline reign as the undisputed number one, Merkur takes the second spot. When it comes to slot machines in Ireland, one simply cannot overlook this name. Merkur not only offers innovative and contemporary slot machines but also magnificent classics that remain immensely popular in Ireland even years after their initial release.

The story of Merkur's history.

Founded in 1957 by Paul Gauselmann, Merkur's history and tradition extend even further back than that of its major rival, Novoline. As part of the Gauselmann Group, the company is headquartered in Ireland. Today, Merkur is among the leaders in the field of slot machines and table games. This success has been made possible, primarily, by the constant evolution of their own products.

Merkur, a vast corporation that holds a strong position in both the Irish and international markets, operates as a heavyweight in the gambling industry, employing over 12,000 individuals across 40 countries and generating a revenue of €2.9 billion in 2017. Among its notable establishments in Ireland are its headquarters in Espelkamp and a dedicated research and development complex in Lübbecke. The proximity to its customers greatly benefits Merkur, as there is scarcely any gambling company that can claim to be closer to its Irish players.

The beaming sun that is the Mercury logo is a familiar sight in the gaming halls of Ireland. The Gauselmann blockbusters are on par with Novoline in terms of playability and popularity. Even those who don't have a passion for slots are acquainted with Merkur's slot machines. The company's long and successful history, as well as its reputation as an innovative and creative enterprise, are naturally reflected in its diverse range of games. Here, alongside the classics, we discover impressive video slots, stunning visual marvels, and fresh, one-of-a-kind gaming concepts.

Merkur faced no major difficulties in launching their own casino games on the online platform. With a vast selection of games that already had a dedicated fanbase in physical casinos, they knew exactly which titles had the potential to be a hit online. They relied on a perfect blend of timeless classics and the latest releases. Additionally, it was crucial from the start to ensure that all games ran smoothly on mobile devices, not just on PCs. Despite the fierce competition from Novoline, Merkur refuses to surrender and continues to expand its market share both online and in physical casinos through innovative concepts and games that provide long-term motivation.

In Ireland, Merkur generates its highest revenues from the brick-and-mortar gaming halls and arcades. The online business, on the other hand, only serves as an additional source of income. It is understandable that Merkur, like Novoline, has decided to refrain from offering its games to Irish players in online casinos until the legal situation is definitively clarified. Despite the fact that the entire legislation on gambling in Ireland is anything but clear, the risk seems too great in light of the offline business's earnings.

While it may not have been the most graceful solution to the company's challenges, the complete removal of their games from casinos solely focusing on the Irish market, as well as the blocking of players from international operators, does make sense.

The most popular Merkur games in Ireland.

New paragraph: Every month, new titles are added, which form an integral part of the gaming offerings. However, it is the classic favorites that are played the most. While they may be a few days older, they have definitely not gathered any rust. On the contrary, the absolute blockbusters have aged quite well and still provide a lot of fun even today. The best evidence of this is the hundreds of thousands of loyal players from Ireland, who particularly swear by the following titles:

Everything is great

Everything is great

There is hardly a better testimony to the creativity of Merkur than Alles Spitze. Merkur is among the few manufacturers that dare to break away from the beaten path and do not necessarily require traditional reels to craft a truly exceptional slot. The fact that their most renowned slot machine possesses such an innovative concept fits seamlessly into the overall picture.

However, even with this game, there are certain fundamental aspects that do not differ from other video slots. The player places their bet and spins a single reel, hoping to land on the right symbols. In addition to the reel, there is also an added ladder system that adds an interesting dynamic to the game. With only five possible symbols, the mechanics are simple yet captivating. These symbols include a four-leaf clover, a gold coin, a ladybug, a king, and a devil. Once the player has decided on their bet amount, they can set the reel in motion. Except for the devil, every symbol is welcome. There are three different ladders that can be "pushed up" with each of these symbols. Conveniently, the king helps reach the next level on all three ladders. The more frequently one of the "good" symbols appears, the higher the potential winnings become.

For those who have a negative gut feeling, they can collect their winnings on these ladders. However, this decision must be carefully considered because the higher the ladders are climbed, the greater the reward. And when all the ladders are charged, the jackpot awaits! However, this devil symbol is always in the game and could appear at any time. And then, disappointment is guaranteed, as all the beautiful winnings that were not collected on the ladders will be lost.

Merkur's slot games often come with an added thrill, the gamble feature, allowing players to potentially double their winnings. However, one must tread carefully, as a wrong guess could lead to the loss of all the hard-earned rewards.

But all of this does not justify the top position. Everything Top is also popular because the game concept is so unique. Even Novoline, who actually offers everything in terms of themes and game mechanics, does not have a suitable alternative or copy in their program. Anyone who has never played Everything Top is practically drawn to this game as if by magic - and will also engage in a few rounds of play in the future.

Let's face it: The display of a single symbol is more distinct and uncomplicated than any other slot machine we're acquainted with. And the same goes for the thrill it offers. That's why the Alles-Spitze slot machines are practically besieged by players even in modern times. Some call it "simple but effective," while others refer to it as "Alles Spitze."


Joker’s Cap

Jokers Cap

Joker-themed slot machines are an equally thrilling niche in the world of gambling. Whether it's in a card game or on a slot, the Joker is always popular. The same goes for Joker's Cap. This slot is one of the most successful blockbusters to ever leave the production halls of Merkur. By the way, Joker's Cap is a great testament to the passion with which Gauselmann produces slot games. And humor is also not in short supply. The game's look and feel, with its cartoon-like graphics, bring a smile to players' faces. The animations and sound effects are equally impressive. Even years after its release, Joker's Cap remains a staple in every good casino and gaming hall.

Compared to Alles Spitze, the concept here is more traditional. The combination of 5 reels and 10 paylines has proven to be very successful in video slots, just like Book of Ra Deluxe and Lord of the Ocean have impressively demonstrated. While this may seem minimal compared to the latest slot machines, it actually works in favor of the players. After all, they know exactly what to expect right from the start.

Foolish jesters, commonly referred to as jokers, have their historical origins within the noble courts. Consequently, a fitting backdrop was chosen, reminiscent of a medieval royal court. Just as in card games, where the joker often replaces any other card, the same principle applies in slots. In Joker's Cap, one will not find bonus rounds, free spins, or many special features. Everything revolves around the joker and his fool's cap (known as the Joker's Cap in English).

This also applies to our happiness and potential winnings, which are especially unleashed by the joker to make a real bang.

But are Joker symbols, simply called Wilds in most slots, abundant in other games? And does the absence of free spins and other bonus features mean no advantage either? Not quite, because without free spin and other bonus symbols, the focus on the reels is primarily on big winning combinations. And they are plentiful. We've mentioned it before: In addition to the regular Joker, there is also a Joker Scatter symbol in the form of a fool's cap. If this appears anywhere on the reels, up to two randomly chosen symbols will also turn into Wilds. And that's the whole trick. With so many Wilds, highly rewarding winning combinations are formed, which only a few other slot machines can match.

Playing slot machines, one primarily hopes for substantial winnings. And when they come unexpectedly out of nowhere, like in Joker's Hat, it makes things even more thrilling. Will the jester's cap symbol appear, or won't it? Which symbols will be transformed into jokers? Nothing can be predicted here; it's all pure luck. Undoubtedly, this unpredictability has also contributed to Joker's Hat becoming one of the most played machines in all of Ireland today.

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

Not only Book of Ra, but many other slots have also taken inspiration from ancient Egypt. Whether in Ireland or internationally, we particularly think of Cleopatra by IGT: Egyptian history, pyramids, mummies, and pharaohs always captivate. To dominate the Irish market like Merkur, one must, of course, cater to this demand as well. And with Eye of Horus, the Gauselmann Group offers an epic slot with an Egyptian theme in their lineup.

As mentioned earlier, Alles Spitze completely breaks away from the traditional 5-reel concept, while Joker's Cap does away with bonus rounds and free spins and focuses solely on the base game. However, Merkur can certainly create sensible slots with 5 reels and exciting bonus features, as demonstrated with Eye of Horus.

While in regular gameplay, high wins are possible, our main goal is to trigger the free spins as quickly as possible by landing three or more pyramid scatters. This slot's true potential is unleashed in the bonus round, just like most other games. It's not only the 12 free spins that we receive, but also the eye of Horus, which, depending on how often it appears during a spin, grants additional spins. But that's not all. Even the actual picture symbols - all except the numbers - can be upgraded to the highest paying ones. This not only increases the likelihood of winning combinations but also significantly boosts their payouts.

For those who have never played a Merkur slot machine before, Eye of Horus is the ideal starting point. Although the gameplay mechanics may not be as innovative as in the previous two games, its quality and chances of winning speak for themselves.

Triple Chance

Triple Chance

What's missing now? Correct, fruit machines. Just like in the rest of the world, "fruit machines" are still very popular among many players in Ireland. This is partly due to Merkur itself, which has also brought many really good fruit slots to the market. In addition to innovative and creative concepts, the Irish manufacturer understands perfectly how to implement simpler game concepts brilliantly. As a perfect example, we would like to mention Triple Chance here. This fruit machine has more to offer than meets the eye at first glance.

At first glance, this slot couldn't be simpler: 3 reels with three symbol fields each, it's exactly what we've seen countless times in fruit slots. And frequent wins are standard, thanks to the relatively few winning symbols. However, when the same symbols suddenly land on all fields, Triple Chance reveals its full potential. In addition to the already good payout for this full screen, the "Rewin feature" awaits. This lucky wheel has 10 sections. One is initially a dud, while the others repeat the previous win. Every time the full screen is paid out again, that section becomes a dud on the next spin of the wheel. In theory, you can cash in your winnings up to 10 times.

This revolutionary concept caused a sensation in Irish arcades and gaming halls, capturing the attention of players like wildfire. As a result, Merkur released more games with a similar mechanics. In addition to the ever-popular original Triple Chance, players now have the opportunity to take home even bigger winnings with the slots Double Triple Chance and Triple Triple Chance. These games provide an elevated level of excitement and increased chances of winning, keeping players hooked and coming back for more.