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The top online casino bonuses in 2023

Omni Slots
Omni Slots 600€ Bonus +x 100 Free Spins
Spinia 100€ Bonus +x 25 Free Spins
LeoVegas 2500€ Bonus +x 30 Free Spins
Rice 100€ Bonus +x 50 Free Spins

The welcome bonus is a time-honored tradition in online casinos. That's why it's often said right after signing up, "new casino, new luck." The manner of the greeting, of course, depends primarily on the provider itself. Sometimes, you can start off without making a deposit, with a free bonus or free spins. In other cases, players must make a deposit or perform a specific action before their bonus funds become available. To ensure you don't lose track in this jungle of welcome offers, we have decided to provide you with this comprehensive feature. This way, you'll not only gain more insights into where free starting credit awaits, but also what else you need to consider when playing with a welcome bonus at the casino. And of course, we will also delve into the quality of the different offers.

What is a welcome bonus?

What is a welcome bonus?

The highly competitive gambling market demands casinos to provide players with a welcoming bonus as the first incentive to stand out from the crowd. The possibilities are endless in terms of creativity. Giving new players additional credit, free spins, and other advantages allows them to thoroughly test the casino's offerings. This can either be done without requiring any personal deposits or by offering a substantial bonus on the first deposit, enabling players to enjoy a longer and hopefully more successful gaming experience with increased credit and free spins. The dimensions of the welcome bonus can range from just a few euros to four-digit amounts, as we will detail later. Equally important for you as a player is that the welcome bonus aligns with your individual needs.

Why do online casinos offer welcome bonuses?

In the past, online casinos were limited to games from only a few providers. However, nowadays, you can play almost any game at almost any casino. Slots and other casino games used to be a crucial differentiating factor, but nowadays, most casinos offer similar options. Moreover, even the most well-known payment methods are now fully covered by all casinos. This leaves us with bonuses and promotions as the only means to capture our attention.

Gone are the days when average online casinos relied solely on perfect marketing for success. Fortunately, one might say, as nowadays there are plenty of fantastic brands that offer more than just good advertising. We can immediately think of a dozen providers who offer a great all-in-one package for different types of players. The welcome bonus is the ultimate tool to motivate us to try out an online casino. Of course, there are also plenty of promotions for regular players, but those are not part of this article. Nevertheless, it can generally be observed that casinos that are generous with their welcome bonuses also continue to shine with good bonus offers later on.

Why do online casinos offer welcome bonuses?
Wager and play through the bonus

Converting and fulfilling wagering requirements for bonuses

The most common way to compare casino welcome bonus offers is by looking at the specific numbers involved. When it comes to deposit bonuses, the percentage and maximum bonus amount are crucial factors to consider. It becomes even easier when dealing with free spins, as the quantity can be directly compared. The more free spins, the better the offer, taking into account the value of each spin and the games for which they are credited.

The bonus turnover is the most crucial factor, applicable to both deposit bonuses and free spins. It determines the number of times we must wager our deposit or winnings from free spins before we can withdraw. Assessing the quality of a deposit bonus relies heavily on the bonus turnover. After all, as players, we always aim to leave the online casino with a profit. While we may not always multiply our deposit in some cases, the bonus almost always serves as a safety net that significantly enhances our chances of at least recouping our deposit.

When a player receives a 200 € bonus with a required 40x wagering, they effectively need to wager 8,000 € on slots to unlock their bonus. As luck and misfortune often take turns at the slots, this can in many cases result in a multiplication of our balance. Alternatively, if luck is not on our side, our account balance can quickly diminish to zero, despite the casino bonus. However, as players, we have an influence on the outcome with the right strategy and bankroll management.

Naturally, achieving the bonus turnover is also possible with different casino games. However, slots are the most reliable option for this, as they almost always count 100% towards the turnover. Other games with different variance or a significantly smaller house edge are often not taken into account for 100% of the bonus requirements. In the case of blackjack and roulette, the contribution to the bonus turnover is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is often not worth even attempting to unlock bonuses in this way unless one has unlimited time and endurance.

The contribution of each game to the bonus wagering requirement varies from casino to casino. The live casino section often presents a special case. While a few casinos allow playing with a bonus, others do not permit it. Additionally, it is important to note that the eligibility criteria for bonus play can differ across different online casinos.

Though we would love to present you with a golden general rule here, you can never get around taking a quick look at the respective bonus terms and conditions. Because apart from permissible games, the bonus rules often differ in terms of the required bonus turnover. In the above scenario, we have used a 40x bonus turnover as we believe this to be the most commonly spread one. However, it is not a fixed rule, and different casinos have different requirements. Some of them go as low as 25x or 30x, while in other casinos, players must wager the bonus 75x or even 100x before being able to withdraw. The lower this number is, the more likely it is for players to convert bonuses into cash.

The type of welcome bonus can also impact the bonus conditions. The aforementioned figures are based on traditional welcome bonus offerings. Online casinos mostly apply the same figures for winnings from free spins, although not always. For the less risky welcome offers, such as a casino bonus without a deposit, the required turnover is often much more challenging to achieve. This is quite understandable, as with such offers, the entire risk lies solely with the casino. After all, online casinos also don't have money to give away. While a welcome bonus is meant to provide a realistic chance of winning, it does not guarantee it. Through bonus turnover, online casinos ensure that their offering is not abused.

Should one accept the welcome bonus or not?

When it comes to choosing an online casino, many players rely on the quality and size of the welcome bonus, taking into account all the conditions. Others view the welcome bonus as a simple method to increase their available balance and consequently win more. However, there is also a third category of players who select an online casino based on where they can have the best all-around experience and gameplay. For these players, the most crucial factors are the selection of games and slots, customer service, or loyalty program support. In such cases, the welcome bonus is not essential.

Fortunately, as players, we are not obliged to accept a bonus. And there are indeed several valid reasons why this can actually be a smart move: 1. It grants us the freedom to play without any strings attached. By opting out of a bonus, we can enjoy our gaming experience without being tied down by wagering requirements or restrictions. 2. It allows us to have full control over our own funds. Accepting a bonus often comes with certain terms and conditions that dictate how we can use our money. By forgoing this offer, we retain the power to manage our bankroll as we see fit. 3. It eliminates the risk of bonus abuse or misunderstanding. Bonuses often come with specific rules and regulations that must be followed. By not accepting a bonus, we avoid any potential confusion or unintentional breaches of these terms. 4. It saves us from potential disappointment or frustration. Bonuses can sometimes come with high wagering requirements or limited game selections. By opting out, we avoid the possibility of encountering any unpleasant surprises during our gaming sessions. 5. It allows us to focus solely on the enjoyment of the game itself. Without the distraction of bonus conditions, we can fully immerse ourselves in the gameplay and appreciate the thrill of the experience without any additional obligations. In conclusion, while accepting a bonus can be enticing, it is important to consider the potential benefits of declining such offers. By doing so, we embrace the freedom, control, and simplicity that come with playing without the constraints of a bonus.

Numerous gambling establishments freeze the deposited amount as long as a bonus is active. Until the bonus requirements are met, you are unable to withdraw your own funds without losing your bonus money. When players are required to first wager their deposit before bonus funds can be utilized, which is not uncommon, it becomes more challenging to achieve big wins.

Win and bet limits. Many casinos place restrictions on the amount players can wager on each game and set a cap on winnings. In numerous cases, this is not a problem. The limits are so generous that one can play with their usual patterns almost as if there were no bonus. However, caution is the order of the day, and that's why it's advisable to play it safe before making a deposit. These limitations can always be found in the bonus terms and conditions. For instance, if you're playing at a casino with a low cap on winnings using bonus funds, it's best not to bet high stakes on highly volatile slots. Because if you were to hit a big win, you wouldn't be able to cash out everything.

However, please do not misunderstand us. We certainly do not advocate avoiding the welcome bonus altogether. On the contrary, bonus funds, when used correctly, form a crucial part of any online casino strategy. There are reasons to consider, but equally many to benefit from it. And by that, we don't just mean the slightly inaccurate description of the welcome bonus as free credits, but we also have a few more profound arguments in mind:

Extended or more intense gameplay. When you receive a deposit bonus, you'll have access to more credit. Your deposit can be doubled or tripled, or it could even be even larger. This provides players with more options, potentially allowing them to play for longer or with higher stakes. In the case of the latter, it's important to keep an eye on the betting limits, but it is indeed possible to alter the overall strategy.

Mitigating the impact of streaks of bad luck is crucial when playing online slots. Some of the most popular online slot games are highly volatile. For instance, Book of Dead and Bonanza are consistently among the most played games in any online casino. To secure a win, triggering the bonus rounds is often essential. Those who fail to activate the free spins every now and then only have slim chances of landing a big win. In order to ensure that players don't run out of steam halfway to the jackpot or bonus round, bonus funds prove to be extremely beneficial.

An opportunity awaits to savor the online casino with reduced risk. Particularly with a no deposit casino bonus, you can test games and other features of your new online casino without any risk. So why not try your luck at a few spins on the slots you've never played before? Equally convenient are bonuses without a deposit if you wish to experiment with different stakes.

Welcome packages in detail

There are two commonly practiced methods through which players can make use of a welcome bonus. The most prevalent one is a bonus awarded for the first deposit. In certain instances, this can extend to numerous additional bonuses spread across multiple transactions. On the other hand, players may find their bonus directly credited to their account upon creating a user profile and can fully utilize it without having to make a deposit.

Most welcome offers are automatically credited. However, there are still a few casinos that utilize bonus codes. And in rare cases, you may need to directly contact customer service for the bonus to be credited to your account. Nevertheless, these two scenarios are now relics from the early days of online casinos. If the welcome bonus doesn't immediately appear in your account, it's worth checking whether a bonus code or reaching out to support is required.

Once the bonus is credited to your account, you have almost complete freedom to use it as you please. However, it is important to pay attention to the terms and conditions associated with the bonus. As mentioned earlier, not all games may be eligible for the bonus. Additionally, there may be maximum allowable bets for each spin. If you play with a strategy, you can treat your bonus balance as real money as long as you abide by the rules.

Welcome packages in detail

Welcome bonus with free spins

Welcome bonus is such a common occurrence that casinos without such offers automatically raise eyebrows. Because these bonuses are among the casinos' prime means to distinguish themselves from the competition and attract customers.

In the past, the traditional deposit bonus used to be the dominant offer, but nowadays, an increasing number of casinos provide either free spins or offers combined with free spins. This shift is primarily due to the changing demand from us players. While deposit bonuses were much more popular a few years ago, statistically speaking, it is now the free spins that attract us to the casino. That's why we often come across them in promotions for loyal customers, by the way.

The quantity of casinos offering welcome free spins is, however, slightly smaller than that of casinos with deposit bonuses. It's never a bad idea to have free spins as a welcome gift. Nevertheless, there are a few factors that new players should consider when they want to test out a casino using free spins:

1) Game selection

There are numerous reasons why only specific games qualify for free spins. For instance, certain slot developers still face technical limitations in offering their games as free spins. Games with exceptionally high payouts can pose a significant risk for the casino. Therefore, it is common to find NetEnt slots with medium volatility in free spin promotions. Other slots may simply be too unfamiliar to attract players as promotional tools, as free spins are ultimately a form of marketing. Even today, the names of popular slots like Starburst are enough to motivate players to register. It seems doubtful whether the same success can be achieved with unknown games.

2) Required turnover

There is more to consider besides the game requirements. Every bonus must be wagered or played through. This is not always the case with free spins. Players, therefore, have a good chance to use the winnings from these free spins as they please. In general, winnings from free spins are subject to the same wagering requirements as any other bonuses in the same casino. In some cases, the wagering requirements may even be stricter. Unfortunately, there is no universally applicable rule. That's why it's always advisable to check the bonus terms in advance to avoid disappointment later on. A positive trend that we are observing in more and more casinos is worth highlighting: when players win with free spins, they get to keep all the winnings and no further wagering is required. However, this is very rare, especially with a welcome bonus that includes free spins. On the other hand, the chances of this rule are significantly better with free spins for regular customers.

3) Betting stake

Free spins are, of course, complimentary for players. However, they do come with a predetermined stake that determines our winnings. More casinos than we would like to admit use the lowest minimum bet here. With just a few cents per spin, huge winnings are naturally less likely. However, this is not always the case. Some casinos sacrifice a larger number of spins in favor of higher bets. On the other hand, it can never be predicted when the reels will produce a highly rewarding winning combination. Therefore, in the long run, the average winnings with many smaller bets are similar to fewer spins with higher stakes. But naturally, the greater potential lies with the larger wager amounts.

Advantages and disadvantages of no deposit casino bonuses

We have already provided a rough overview of the casino bonus without a deposit. However, let us take this opportunity to delve a little deeper into the details. As a player, you should have a clear understanding of what you can generally expect from bonuses of this kind. These offers are becoming increasingly popular among players and casinos, and it's not much of a surprise. Who would want to deposit money at a casino without getting at least a small risk-free impression? But the casino also benefits. Taking advantage of a bonus without a deposit doesn't always make someone a bonus hunter. On the contrary, players who get a precise idea before making their first deposit often remain loyal customers to the casinos for a longer time.

Let's start with the positive aspects when it comes to no deposit casino bonuses. Just like any other type of casino bonus, there are pros and cons. Now, let's focus on the advantages first.

The ultimate risk-free opportunity to gain real experiences in online casinos is the no deposit bonus. By using bonus credits, you can virtually enjoy the casino just like when depositing with real money, resulting in an almost identical experience. Explore your favorite games or venture into something completely new. Although the specific requirements vary depending on the respective casino, in all cases, you are not required to make a deposit, yet you still have the chance to win and withdraw real money.

Similar chances of winning as with any other bonus. Casinos strive to make the experience of playing with bonus funds as authentic as possible. This particularly applies to the game selection and the bets. Unlike free spins, you can decide for yourself how and what to play.

There are only a few reasons not to accept a no deposit bonus. The generosity of the casino is crucial to players. Do they want to give us a realistic chance of winning well and being able to withdraw our winnings? Casinos don't have anything to give away, which is why it's always important to check in advance if the following points are still acceptable. Because if they're not, then it's best to play exclusively with our own money to avoid any potential disappointments.

1) Limitation of profits

At the conclusion of the day, online casinos are, in essence, profit-driven enterprises. Consequently, it is highly unlikely that any of them would take unnecessary risks by awarding a jackpot to players who have not even made a deposit. Hence, a maximum winning limit is usually imposed, specifying the amount that can be cashed out using the bonus. Based on experience, this limit is typically set at a maximum of ten times the initial bonus amount. This ensures that players still have a fair opportunity while online casinos assume a reasonable level of risk.

2) Stricter wagering requirements

Just like deposit bonuses, wagering requirements also apply to no deposit bonuses. This is simply logical, as otherwise players could just sign up and withdraw the balance immediately. Generally, the wagering requirements for no deposit bonuses are stricter. In casinos where a deposit bonus must be wagered 50 times, players may have to play through the amount 100 times for a no deposit bonus. Although this may initially seem annoying, it is understandable. This way, the casino can ensure that players claim the bonus to thoroughly test the casino. However, there is still a realistic chance to withdraw winnings.

3) Relatively small bonus amounts

Let's not fool ourselves; most of the no deposit bonus amounts we receive are so low that it takes a lot of luck to win a small fortune. More often than not, this bonus will simply be squandered in no time. It doesn't seem necessary to develop and implement a strategy for such a small sum. However, we still want to withdraw the amount, which is why we adjust our bets to the amount of the bonus. In the end, the casino primarily wants us to be able to try it out. And this offer is tailor-made for that purpose.

Discovering the ultimate welcome bonus: A guide to finding the most exceptional offer.

Now that you know what to expect and what to look for in welcome bonuses, let's move on to perhaps the most crucial point: the best bonus offers. The reputation and popularity of almost all well-known online casinos can be attributed to their generous welcome packages, highly favorable winning odds, and reasonable wagering requirements.

To ensure that such an offering remains beneficial for you today, the following criteria should be met: 1. The relevance of the product or service to your current needs is paramount. It should effectively address the challenges you face and provide practical solutions. 2. The quality and reliability of the offering should be exceptional. This ensures that you can depend on it to perform optimally, delivering the desired results consistently. 3. The affordability of the offering is crucial. It should align with your budgetary constraints without compromising on its value or effectiveness. 4. The convenience factor cannot be overlooked. The offering should be easily accessible and user-friendly, enabling a seamless experience throughout the process. 5. The offering must be adaptable to changing circumstances. It should have the flexibility to evolve and meet your evolving requirements over time. By considering these key points, you can ensure that any such offering remains worthwhile and continues to meet your needs effectively. Rest assured that we strive to fulfill these criteria and provide you with a valuable and advantageous solution.

Rewarding bonus amounts and percentages for one or more deposits are available. Some online casinos are truly excellent, but they offer a welcome bonus of €50 or less. This will satisfy certain players. However, those who incorporate bonuses heavily into their overall strategy and focus on volume are wasting their time. What makes a rewarding bonus is, of course, mostly subjective, but as a player, you know this best.

Realistic and fair terms and conditions. Ideally, a welcome bonus can provide a substantial boost to the player's account. However, the likelihood of being able to withdraw this bonus depends on the terms and conditions. We believe that a 40x wagering requirement, for example, is acceptable. On the other hand, when faced with a higher wagering requirement, it is always important to question whether and how one can meet it. We consider wagering requirements of 100x or more the bonus amount to be unusable, as they bind us for too long as players, diminishing our chances of making a withdrawal.

A diverse selection of games and limits is essential. The fewer conditions, the better the bonus. When games are excluded or count less, it interferes with our gaming behavior. Because, just like with welcome offers, we usually want to enjoy our favorite games. However, limiting the possible bets can restrict the attractiveness of a bonus. Therefore, it's always advisable to carefully review the bonus terms before it's too late to avoid negative experiences. It's best to do this even before signing up.

Having now established what to look for in a welcome bonus, the next challenge is finding one. Of course, players are free to click through each casino themselves. However, why waste so much valuable time when all the relevant information can be easily and conveniently found on sites like ours? Exactly! In addition to our portal, we also recommend the following options:

Websites and comparative portals about casinos and gambling provide extensive lists, offering players a wide range of welcome offers that are diverse and plentiful. The criteria for evaluating these websites vary from site to site. Armed with this information, most players are well served. Conveniently, the essential details are directly stated, allowing one to familiarize themselves with the additional specifics of the respective casino only after discovering a good welcome bonus, thus saving time.

Email campaigns and newsletters. Multiple companies operate several casinos. If one has agreed to receive newsletters, they will occasionally find enticing welcome bonus offers from affiliated casinos in their inbox. When a new casino is launched within a corporate group, there is a good chance that customers will be notified about it, along with the bonus deals.

Industry News. Just like when a new casino is introduced, players can simply keep an eye on the gambling world news to find out when a new welcome bonus becomes available. It's common knowledge that drumming up excitement is part of the business, especially when launching a new online casino, where all PR efforts are taken to advertise with enticing welcome bonuses.

In our perspective, welcome bonuses play a crucial role in the strategy of every online casino. And those who are better informed have a higher chance of winning. There are countless welcome offers, but some will always outshine the rest. The key to success may lie in focusing on the most exceptional and rewarding bonus deals.