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Ramses Book

Ramses Book

Casinos featuring Ramses Book

Ramses Book is undoubtedly one of the top titles among online slots set in ancient Egypt. With its truly fantastic gameplay mechanics, numerous options, and a bonus feature that holds the potential for colossal winnings, this slot quickly won the favor of players. What makes this achievement even more impressive is the fierce competition within the realm of slots featuring pharaoh-themed motifs. Despite renowned rivals such as IGT's Cleopatra, Novomatic's Book of Ra, and Play'n Go's Book of Dead, Ramses Book managed to break through. The popularity of this slot machine from Gamomat extends beyond Ireland alone. Wherever Ramses Book is offered, it is played with enthusiasm, and the trend is only moving upward.

When it comes to graphics, Rames Book doesn't make a big impression. From the moment it was released, its visuals and animations have been rather plain and straightforward. The same can be said for many other slots by Gamomat, and that doesn't have to be a negative thing at first. Because quality is still present, even though we can't expect lavish graphical splendor like some of its competitors. The design itself is cohesive, after all. The focus is on the actual gameplay mechanics and big wins. And in the end, that's what matters most to us.

However, there is, of course, another reason why Ramses Book is so captivating and intuitive. From the very first spin, the slot brings to mind the classics from the Book of Ra series. We are not aware of any slot that has been played more frequently, and it is likely that almost every player has personally spent at least a few rounds with Book of Ra. Both slot machines feature a concept that is as simple as it is ingenious. While other slots may confuse players with many paylines, scatter symbols, and bonus symbols, Ramses Book focuses on perhaps the best bonus feature of all: a bonus symbol during the free spins can, with a bit of luck, lead to enormous winnings as it expands across the reels and catapults the account balance upwards.

Depending on the provider, you can play Ramses Book as a slot from Gamomat or from Bally Wulff. But fret not, that's the only difference. The versions are completely identical in terms of content. Both companies collaborate closely, and depending on the market, the slots are distributed under different names. As players, we reap the benefits of this collaboration, as there are now very few casinos where we cannot enjoy playing Ramses Book. We have compiled the best addresses for you here.

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An Introduction to Ramses Book

It may come as a surprise, given the graphics and animations, that this slot was only released online in 2016. Thus, Ramses Book is significantly younger than many comparable slot machines. However, in the world of arcades and casinos, Ramses Book has been an old familiar face for quite some time. We have already hinted that impressive graphic orgies are not among Gamomat's priorities. However, due to the strong similarities in all areas that Ramses Book shares with Book of Ra, this simple style fits very well. As players, we have internalized the brilliantly simple presentation of Book of Ra to such an extent that this nostalgic feeling, which we love so much in the original, immediately arises when playing.

Of course, Ramses Book is not unique. There are many other similar slots, and we will discuss the best ones in detail below. However, if you're looking for a machine that plays just like Book of Ra, you can't ignore Ramses Book. As we know, the original Novomatic slots are not available in every country. Players from Irish-speaking regions, in particular, are out of luck. But that's not the case with Ramses Book, which is almost universally accessible. And to be completely honest, Ramses Book is the best "replacement" that we can imagine. The void left by Novomatic's withdrawal from the online business may be significant, but this slot from Gamomat fills it perfectly. However, Ramses Book is more than just another Book of Ra clone. In some areas, such as the payout rate, it surpasses the original by a wide margin, as we will discuss in detail below.

A few words about the manufacturer

Gamomat boasts an impressive collection of over 250 games in its portfolio. While the graphic standards may not be the absolute highest, the company is undeniably one of the most successful slot manufacturers worldwide. In addition to online slots, Gamomat has established a strong reputation as a producer of casino games for arcades and land-based casinos. Furthermore, their offerings include mobile games and jackpot machines.

Gamomat may not have reached the level of Novomatic, IGT, Merkur, and other industry giants. However, it is worth acknowledging that Gamomat has significantly expanded its presence in both physical slot machines and online slots in recent years. Europe, the United States, and Australia are the key growth markets for the company. While its headquarters are in Ireland, Gamomat has successfully established numerous worldwide branches in an effort to be as close as possible to its international customers.

The dedication and commitment to safety and licensing are particularly remarkable. Gamomat is an excellent choice for players who prioritize security, as licenses have been issued by authorities in Schleswig-Holstein, Malta, and the Isle of Man. This guarantees that the games are not only entertaining but also conducted in a fair and legal manner. Rest assured that utmost care is taken to ensure a secure and regulated gaming experience.

The popularity and accessibility of Ramses Book

As Ramses Book is a game developed by both Gamomat and Bally Wulff, it is important to take a closer look at both companies. Neither of them comes close to heavyweight contenders like NetEnt or Microgaming. It is no wonder then that Gamomat and Bally Wulff are visually less prominent in most online casinos. Furthermore, some providers don't even offer the two, including Ramses Book, in their lineup. Therefore, it becomes clear that these companies might not have the same level of recognition or availability as their competitors in the industry.

Even though locating this slot and others by Gamomat may be more challenging compared to games from other providers, it doesn't necessarily mean that players have to limit their search greatly. Prominent names like Videoslots, Casumo, and LeoVegas all feature these titles in their selection. However, even smaller online casinos are increasingly offering these games - for good reason. Players are encountering them more and more frequently, even in less well-known establishments.

The popularity of Ramses Book also depends on the specific casino. In places where one could previously play the finest Novomatic games, Ramses Book is likely to be found almost always. Conversely, in countries where Book of Ra is still available, Book of Dead appears to have a stronger presence. Thanks to the search function offered nearly everywhere, one can quickly verify this for themselves and then, ideally, start playing right away. In the best-case scenario, players can assure themselves of this in a matter of seconds and then jump straight into the action.

This is how it is played


The undeniable influence of Book of Ra on Ramses Book is evident primarily in its user-friendly interface. If Novomatic's slot machines are already known for their intuitive and straightforward gameplay, the ones developed by Gamomat take it to a whole new level.

The game's base version is played on 5 reels, each with 3 fields for winning symbols. The number of active paylines is limited to 10. Players have the option to switch between 5 and 10 paylines. We ourselves are naturally strong advocates of using the maximum number of available paylines due to the nature of the bonus feature. However, there are still many players who, either because they don't see a difference or because they prefer to bet differently, choose to play with fewer paylines.

Furthermore, the stakes are flexible, which is why Ramses Book is likely to appeal to a wide online audience, as it is possible to bet only €0.01 per line or €0.10 per spin. The maximum bet per spin is €6. Therefore, it does not reach the level of Book of Ra and Book of Dead. However, even €6 should be sufficient for the majority of players and ambitious high rollers.

The Max Bet button is an essential feature not to be missed. It immediately sets the stake to €6, ensuring that all 10 paylines are activated for maximum winning potential. What we particularly like about this is that clicking this button does not automatically trigger a spin. This prevents the risk of unintentionally placing high bets. Instead, players can choose to start with manual standard spins or use the auto-play feature. The auto-play function is straightforward: with one click of the mouse, automatic spins are activated, and with another click on the button, the spins are stopped. There is no need to set loss limits or a maximum number of spins. The game also offers a Turbo mode for those who want to end their spins as quickly as possible. This is especially useful for those who want to enter the bonus round as fast as possible.

After a successful win, players have the option to gamble their winnings, either to double them or risk losing it all. For those who have frequented brick-and-mortar casinos, these gamble features hold significant value as part of their online slot strategy, presenting an exciting opportunity to amplify their winnings. Conversely, there are others who pay no attention to the potential for doubling their earnings. Given the fair 50% chance of winning, both the card risk game, where players must predict the color of the next card (red or black), and the risk ladder are recommended options.

Special symbols

The most lucrative symbol in this game is Ramses himself, with 3000 coins for 5 symbols on a payline, and each winning symbol in this game holds a decent value. As all Book of Ra enthusiasts would anticipate based on their experiences with this game, Ramses Book revolves around the book of Ramses. Novomatic has successfully employed the concept of using the same winning symbol for both wild and scatter symbols, and Ramses Book follows suit in this regard. Rest assured, this game is no different.

A maximum of one scatter symbol can appear per reel. Those who land at least three can look forward to 10 free spins with a bonus symbol, in addition to an instant win and potential winnings from completed paylines. Of course, patience is required until that point. One or two scatters are quite common, but it may take a little time to enter the bonus round.

Bonus rounds

For those who have already played similar slots, it comes as no surprise that the main aim is not to win during the base game. It is only in the bonus round that book-themed slots reveal their true potential and can bring a substantial boost to your account. The same holds true for Ramses Book. When three, four, or even five scatter symbols appear, it often means payday, and the free spins can (hopefully) bring significant winnings!

The quantity of free spins, by the way, remains the same for three, four, or five scatter symbols. Prior to commencing the complimentary rotations, a bonus symbol will be chosen for the entire duration of the bonus round, and the randomness determines which one it will be. Fortunately, the scatter symbol is not included in this selection process.

With the initial 10 free spins in tow, the thrill begins. Unlike many other slots, each individual spin in the bonus round must be executed manually, unless one chooses the "Auto Play" function to save time and effort. The excitement intensifies as you take control of each spin, adding an extra layer of anticipation and engagement to your gaming experience.

After each spin, regular wins are calculated first. Then, each bonus symbol expands to cover the entire reel, provided there are at least 2 or 3 bonus symbols present. Next, the paylines formed by the bonus symbol are evaluated. The clever part is that only the number of bonus symbols on the payline matters. For instance, if you have a bonus symbol on reels one, three, four, and five, you will be paid the amount for a four-symbol combination on each active payline.

During the bonus round, the Ramses-Book icon continues to act as a wild symbol, enabling the calculation of regular wins. However, it holds no significance as a bonus symbol. Crucial to attaining a substantial victory is the triggering of a prolongation accompanied by 10 additional free spins through three or more scatter symbols. And this occurrence happens frequently. The initially chosen bonus symbol remains intact.


Although there are various games that resemble Ramses Book in terms of format, there are still significant differences in volatility. The original Book of Ra is considered a slot with medium volatility, whereas Book of Ra Deluxe has slightly increased volatility. On the other hand, Book of Dead by Play'n Go is regarded as one of the most volatile online slots ever created, despite largely following an identical concept to Ramses Book. Several factors contribute to this, including the amount of the maximum win and the frequency with which the bonus round is triggered.

Ramses Book, similar to the related Novomatic slots, is classified as a medium volatility machine. Players who approach this slot strategically and with reasonable bets have a great chance of reaching the bonus round. This game offers an enticing opportunity for those who are both tactically astute and willing to take calculated risks.

Ramses Book, although it may not quite match up to the potential winnings that Play'n Go's version theoretically offers, still has its fair share of significant prizes. 3,000 coins are awarded for landing Ramses five times on a payline. However, in the bonus round, with 10 active paylines, players who manage to land a combination of five Ramses symbols will win a whopping sum of 30,000 coins with just a single spin! Rest assured, there are ample opportunities for big wins in this game.

RTP - Return to Player (Payout Rate)

However, there is one - and a very important - aspect that sets Ramses Book apart from the competition. We are talking about the payout percentage, also known as Return-To-Player or RTP in English. This term refers to the percentage of the amount that the machine returns to the player using complex mathematical algorithms. Ramses Book boasts an impressive 96.15% payout rate, meaning it pays out more to players. In other words, the house advantage is significantly smaller with this slot. For those who want to strategize and take advantage of every opportunity against the casino, Ramses Book is the only way to go.

Different versions and variations.

Sequels to successful formats are not only known from movies or video games but also from slots. And the outcomes are usually just as mixed. There are new versions that capture 100% of the predecessor's magic, and there are also sequels that damage the reputation. Book of Ra is a perfect example of this. While the original version is hardly played anymore, the Deluxe version consistently ranks among the top 20 most played machines. Gamomat took a different approach here. The game Ramses Book itself was not changed, but it was offered with new additions in various versions:

Ramses Book Red Hot Firepot - An Engaging Slot Game with an Exciting Twist

We have already mentioned that Gamomat has made a name for itself not only in the field of slots but also in jackpots. So why not combine the two? Ramses Book Red Hot Firepot offers the original slot on one hand, but it is complemented by a fantastic jackpot feature that can be activated separately.

What makes this additive called Red Hot Firepot so exceptional? Gamblers are given the opportunity to place one of three possible additional bets on a jackpot in the regular slot. The jackpot game can be triggered with each spin, where three fire ovens appear. When all three of them are ablaze, players progress to the next level that revolves around the heat of these ovens. There is a thermometer provided to track the temperatures. The higher the value, the greater the jackpot prize. At the lowest level, Iron, the prizes are not particularly staggering. However, when the thermometer rises all the way to the top, the Jewels Jackpot becomes a fantastic way to conclude every slot session.

Naturally, increasing the wager enhances the players' chances of winning. The second level triggers the feature more frequently, enlarges the jackpot, and grants a minor temperature boost. In the third and final level, the jackpot is even more frequently triggered, and the top jackpot is higher as well. Moreover, the probability of attaining substantial winnings improves, as the heat thermometer is augmented by an additional 5 degrees.

Ramses Book with Golden Nights

The core gameplay of Ramses Book Golden Nights remains unchanged, just like its fiery counterpart, Red Hot Firepot. Gamomat combines its top slot with its finest extra features in both versions. Hence, the Golden Nights edition operates in a similar fashion. Each spin requires players to place an additional bet in order to access the feature. As before, they have the option to choose from various possible stakes to enhance their chances of winning.

There is a slight initial difference, as there are 4 additional bets available. The first 3 features operate similarly to before, with the first feature only activating the jackpot, and the next two improving the jackpot function each time it is triggered. However, in order to win big, players can ensure they are in the best possible position when it comes to the jackpot and also benefit from a higher maximum payout. This "Super Jewel" jackpot is rightly named, surpassing anything that the other levels or the Firepot version offer. Another nice aspect is that once the best jackpot function is activated, it can be triggered again and again during the free spins, significantly increasing the already substantial winnings.

Ramses Book Alternatives

Slots featuring book symbols and their accompanying special bonus rounds form a distinct category of slots. We've already touched upon several well-known representatives in various places. There are plenty of good reasons to explore within this genre (if one wishes to speak of genres in the context of slot machines). It all begins with availability. Those who love book-themed slots but play in an online casino that doesn't offer Gamomat need alternatives. Other players also prefer a bit of variety in terms of presentation, betting options, or bonus features. And that's where we come in. We've compiled the best Ramses Book alternatives - including a real insider tip that is tailor-made for players from Ireland.

Experience the thrilling adventure of Book of Dead, the captivating online slot game developed by Play'n GO.

Book of Dead unequivocally falls into the same category as Ramses Book. Both games clearly show that Book of Ra Deluxe is the major inspiration here. For those who appreciate good graphics, Book of Dead is definitely worth considering. Although it doesn't win the beauty prize among all slots in the world, there is no slot with books that is more attractive. However, the internal qualities are also important. And here, Book of Dead shines, as there is no book-themed slot that offers higher maximum wins, given the potential 250,000 coins. Ramses Book cannot compete in that regard.

However, caution is advised. The Book of Dead possesses an incredibly high volatility, which means that this slot machine is not equally suitable for every type of player. It is quite possible that during a gaming session, one may not reach the bonus round even once. However, if one manages to reach the free spins, the chances of a decent win are correspondingly better. Players who have had good experiences with Book of Ra are well served. For those who prefer to play longer and with less risk, we would like to recommend the Novomatic slots with lower volatility. Alternatively, one can simply forgo alternatives and stick with Gamomat and Ramses Book.

Book of Ra is a game created by Novomatic.

This game title marks the beginning of it all. Years after its release, Book of Ra remains just as excellent as before. Whether you're a frequent player in arcades or land-based casinos, or if you prefer online casinos, the original version of Book of Ra Deluxe is consistently a wise choice.

Why should players and fans of ancient Egyptian slot entertainment even bother looking for alternatives? Well, on the one hand, the Novomatic corporation still earns the majority of its revenue from its land-based machines in arcades and casinos. And that business takes precedence. To avoid potential legal issues, they made the decision to simply stop offering certain games online until the legal situation is fully and comprehensively resolved. As a result, Book of Ra is not available in any online casino for players from Ireland.

Another reason to explore alternatives is the disparity in Return to Player rates across different games. Ramses Book boasts an RTP of 96.15%. In contrast, Book of Ra generally only offers 92.13%, while Book of Ra Deluxe stands at a modest 95.1%. For players seeking the best chance of winning, Ramses Book emerges as one of the most suitable alternatives to Book of Ra.

The Eye of Horus is a slot game developed by Reel Time Gaming.

For those players who adore the Egyptian theme but crave bonus rounds that don't depend on a single bonus symbol, Eye of Horus is precisely what they seek. Although not the biggest slot provider in the industry, Reel Time Gaming still has a lot to offer. The flagship game is the slot Eye of Horus, which can usually be found among the top 100 most played games in any online casino. Furthermore, this machine boasts the best payout percentage. An impressive RTP of 96.31% is a compelling reason why so many players remain loyal to Eye of Horus.

The slot stands out from our other recommended alternatives by having a setting in Ancient Egypt, but it is not a direct clone of Book of Ra. In Eye of Horus, the wild and scatter symbols are separate from each other. However, the ultimate goal - reaching the bonus round with free spins - remains the same here. The popularity of this machine speaks for itself. Those who appreciate the graphical style of Ramses Book but want a bit of variety will be delighted by the abundance of options available here. The sheer number of choices on offer is sure to impress.

Counterfeit editions of Ramses Book

The soaring global popularity of Gamomat slots has also given rise to reports of counterfeit machines being operated by illicit online casinos. These unscrupulous establishments have attempted to exploit the widespread demand for Gamomat games by offering fake versions, deceiving unsuspecting players. Such fraudulent activities not only undermine the trust and reputation of the gaming industry but also pose significant risks to the security and fairness of online gambling. It is crucial for players to remain vigilant and only access licensed and regulated platforms to ensure a safe and authentic gaming experience.

Regardless of the game producer, it is advisable to play only in licensed and regulated casinos that are recommended by a reputable source such as our website. This does not necessarily mean that all other casinos should be avoided. Additionally, the country from which you access a casino determines the authority under which the gambling operation is conducted. Therefore, it is essential to consider the jurisdiction in which the casino operates before making any decisions.

We would like to take this opportunity to warn you about a few untrustworthy establishments. All players should steer clear of these casinos and the slots they offer, not just the ones from Gamomat, but also those from other developers.

Ramses Book Tips and Tricks

First and foremost, the crucial answer: there are no hacks or cheats for Ramses Book. A regulated provider like Gamomat is obligated by law to ensure that their games are as safe and fair as possible. Players will always be bound by the payout rate. Even with optimal strategies, there is no guarantee that every session will end with winnings. However, in the course of our strategy development over the years, we have gathered some tips and tricks with the game that can assist players in maximizing the full potential of slots.

The autoplay feature of Ramses Book and its variations is one of the swiftest we have come across, compared to other slots. Those who aim to trigger the bonus round as frequently as possible will appreciate this. By activating the turbo mode for their chosen variant, players will notice the reels descending instead of spinning. When it comes to maximizing the number of spins in the shortest amount of time, this option is the way to go.

For those already playing at higher stakes, the jackpot versions of Ramses Book can be an ideal alternative to the standard game. Gamomat's Golden Nights Bonus is very fair as the jackpot feature is not only triggered frequently but also pays out generously. In games like this, patience is always the key to success, and the opportunity to enhance the gameplay of Ramses Book with an additional bonus feature is a chance to score big.

Furthermore, we would also like to share some of our own anecdotal experiences with you. Ramses Book stands out from the crowd because the bonus rounds are definitely triggered more frequently here. This naturally has slight implications on the winnings as well. So, one should not expect payouts as high as those in Book of Ra on average. We like this aspect because we personally recall gaming sessions with Novomatic's flagship slot where a bonus round came after 1000 spins. Although these were definitely exceptions, we can generally conclude that free spins are just more frequent in Ramses Book.