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Omni Slots
Omni Slots 600€ Bonus +x 100 Free Spins
LeoVegas 2500€ Bonus +x 30 Free Spins
Spinia 100€ Bonus +x 25 Free Spins
Rice 100€ Bonus +x 50 Free Spins

What sets Ireland's top online casinos apart? Amazing games, fantastic promotions, and loyalty programs! And that's exactly what we focus on in our articles. Whether you're a old-school player who loves the classic favorites from Novoline and Merkur or you prefer playing the biggest and newest titles from NetEnt and Play'n Go: we have the best games, great promotions, and exclusive bonus offers. This way, we ensure that our readers get the best value and the most enjoyable gaming experience at the online casino.

The top payment methods for Irish players

Regardless of what else makes the experience in an online casino, it all comes down to one thing: you want the chance to win as much as possible. And if you ask us, that's exactly the right mindset. Of course, there are many deposit bonuses and other promotions that we will explore in more detail elsewhere on our website. However, to really hit the jackpot and take home big winnings, a deposit is almost always required after signing up. This way, you not only get to enjoy deposit bonuses like the classic welcome offer, but also set the stage for playing with your favorite slots or other casino games. And those who play have the potential to win big. Naturally!

One crucial aspect of the cashier section in every online casino is the availability of payment options. Let's say a player uses Neteller for all their casino transactions. However, the casino they are considering does not offer this option. Well, in that case, such a provider is probably not the best choice. Players, however, need to consider much more. Fees, withdrawal times, processing times, restrictions, and much more should also be taken into account. But don't worry, that's where we come in. We take all these factors into consideration. First, let's shine the spotlight on the payment methods that are highly recommended and popular among players across Ireland.

Mr Green
Mr Green 100€  Bonus +x 100 free spins
Omni Slots
Omni Slots 600€  Bonus +x 100 free spins
Wunderino 40€  Bonus +x 30 free spins
Lapalingo 500€  Bonus +x 20 free spins

Immediately available for online casinos.


Instantly, a payment service emerged around the time when online payments were not as positively viewed as they are today. Currently, the majority have few concerns about using their credit and debit cards to pay for almost everything. However, 20 years ago, when Sofort was founded, Irishs were noticeably more skeptical about paying online. Sofort took advantage of this situation and provided additional security online. It is also important to mention that Sofort was a Irish payment method. When Irish players have the choice between a domestic product that is also very secure and international payment methods, most of them choose the former. From the very beginning, Sofort was available not only for gambling but also for almost all types of payments.

Unlike other electronic wallets, known as e-wallets, Sofort is a kind of middleman/intermediary. To deposit funds into your online casino using Sofort, you first select this payment method from the available options. Next, conveniently choose the desired amount and select the bank where you have a bank account. Subsequently, players are redirected to their online banking screen. After logging in and confirming the deposit, you will receive a unique confirmation code. Typically, this code is sent as an SMS to your mobile device. The transaction is then authorized, and the balance is instantly displayed in your casino account. All input is made through Sofort, not the online casino, ensuring that your data is particularly protected.

Since 2013, Sofort has been part of the Swedish company Klarna. The group is now estimated to have a market value of over 2 billion euros. However, Sofort has remained with us as a brand. Both Klarna and Sofort now operate independently in the Irish and Austrian markets, benefiting from synergies. In Ireland, Sofort is still the more recognizable brand - especially in online casinos. The service works on all devices, ensuring that even if you prefer to enjoy casino games on your mobile phone or tablet rather than on a desktop computer, the deposit will quickly and securely land in your casino account. Players have the reassuring feeling that Sofort is inherently secure and that their own bank handles the transaction. This involvement of their own bank increases security, as banks themselves have an interest in protecting their customers. All these reasons make Sofort the favorite among Irish online casino players even today.

Giropay for online casinos


Giropay stands as one of the top payment providers in Ireland, beloved by many as a local favorite. It has garnered an excellent reputation, particularly among online casino players. Essentially, Giropay operates similarly to Sofort, acting as an intermediary between the casino and the player's online banking account. This service prioritizes security and convenience above all else. Giropay's offering provides players with an intuitive user interface for online payments while ensuring a smooth transaction process. Not only does this make it easier for players, but it also appeals to casinos and other providers. With Giropay, there are no chargebacks to worry about, which is a strong advantage for online casinos. After completing the transaction, they can rest assured knowing that they won't encounter any issues.

Giropay is not only popular among casino players but also among almost anyone who makes online payments. Operating since 2006, Giropay now handles over a million transactions every month through its entire service. None of these payments provide sensitive information such as card and account numbers to the casino. Nevertheless, the entire process is surprisingly fast and simple, ensuring that the money ends up where the player wants it to go. And of course, the online casino is delighted by this. One crucial difference between Giropay and Sofort is that the former operates only in Ireland and collaborates directly with major banks throughout the country. The advantage is that players only need a bank account and a casino account. As long as they have both, they can make a deposit with any online casino that accepts Giropay transactions. The chances of being able to deposit with Giropay are very good at online casinos focused on the Irish market. Another positive aspect is that, at least in our experience, we have never had to pay a fee for using Giropay at any online casino. In most cases, the online casinos themselves cover these not-so-high costs, aiming to provide an even better casino experience to the players.

It should be noted here that due to the functioning of Giropay, it cannot be used for withdrawals. Therefore, those who deposit into an online casino using Giropay will need a regular bank account. The winnings will be paid out to this account, which may take a little time depending on the bank. It is important to mention that Giropay is exclusively designed for deposits and not for withdrawals. Hence, players who use Giropay to fund their online casino accounts will need to have a regular bank account for receiving their winnings, which might take some time depending on the bank's processing speed.

PayPal for online casinos


When it comes to online payments, PayPal is often the first name that comes to mind in most countries. For a long time, PayPal has been a popular choice for anyone looking to make payments online. However, the service's popularity can be attributed to being one of the pioneers in enabling peer-to-peer payments. If you want to send money to another person, you can do so quickly and easily with PayPal. Nowadays, PayPal also offers invoice creation for businesses, conducts money requests, and much more. With PayPal, almost everyone has access to a commercial payment system for both transactions and everyday payments. It provides a convenient and accessible solution for individuals and companies alike.

The meteoric rise of PayPal coincided with the emergence of the first online casinos. Introduced in 1998, this service quickly became one of the most popular options for online payments. However, it was not initially the standard choice for online gambling. While more and more online casinos have begun to support PayPal, there are strict rules and regulations governing who can accept PayPal payments for casino deposits. The company does not accept online operators who have not fully regulated the use of their service. This means that PayPal is widespread primarily in countries where all legal casinos are regulated by the national gambling commission. A good example of this is the United Kingdom. However, in Ireland, it is somewhat more challenging as we do not have the same clarity regarding online gambling regulation. After Schleswig-Holstein issued licenses for online gambling, operators with this state approval could officially offer PayPal as well.

With the expiration of these licenses and the majority of Irish casinos currently licensed in Malta, PayPal casinos are becoming increasingly rare. However, let's not fool ourselves: there are currently few options for players when it comes to PayPal. Nevertheless, most players still consider PayPal to be the best, safest, most convenient, and fastest payment option, and they wish to have this option back. We would recommend our readers to closely monitor the developments to stay updated on the availability of the service. But let's face it: there are currently only limited opportunities for players when it comes to PayPal.

Paysafecard for online casinos


Paysafecard stands as another highly popular payment method for online casinos. Furthermore, it serves as a testament to the significance of "local" payment options for us players from Ireland. Admittedly, unlike Giropay or Sofort, this payment option does not originate from Ireland but rather our neighboring country of Austria. With Paysafecard, convenience takes center stage. Depositing with a Paysafecard code eliminates the need for a separate account or e-wallet, while also alleviating concerns about data security. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the majority of online casinos widely accept Paysafecard for deposits.

In general, players personally purchase Paysafecards. They receive a physical card with a value equal to the purchase amount. These cards are available for sale in over half a million shops and stores worldwide. Getting your hands on a Paysafecard is definitely not as difficult as some might think.

Of course, with the Paysafecard, one has the ability to top up credit and debit cards. However, what truly sets Paysafecard apart is the option to fill your online casino account with cash. Each card comes with a 16-digit PIN code, which can be displayed by the user at any time. This code is then entered into the online casino when making a deposit. By the way, players are not obligated to use the full value of their card in one go. It is also possible to leave a remaining balance on the card and spend it elsewhere as needed.

As with the other services, withdrawals are not necessarily straightforward. Those who deposit with Paysafecard may need an alternative for a seamless and equally uncomplicated withdrawal process. Most players opt for their bank account in this regard. However, there are also some online casinos that allow you to credit your withdrawal to a Mastercard or VISA card, enabling you to subsequently withdraw your cash using the card.

Our casino recommendations

Omni Slots
Omni Slots 600€ Bonus +x 100 Free Spins
Wunderino 40€ Bonus +x 30 Free Spins
Rice 100€ Bonus +x 50 Free Spins

The selection of the online casino itself is just as important for a perfect experience as depositing funds. We firmly believe that personal preferences must play a vital role in choosing the best online gambling brand. Some players may be looking for a provider where they can play for a longer period and benefit from loyalty rewards and level bonuses. Others are primarily interested in the welcome offers. Once the welcome bonus is used, the journey to the next online casino with a welcome package continues for this type of player.

The desire to provide comprehensive reviews is motivated by the influence of personal preferences. Our aim is to delve into the intricacies of each casino, not just focusing on key aspects such as customer service and deposit options. We are genuinely intrigued by everything that sets a particular casino apart, striving for it to be a distinctive and ideally unparalleled destination.

However, when a casino is particularly popular, there are generally very good reasons for it. Because if it has tens of thousands of members or even more in some cases, it is clearly doing something right. Such casinos are usually good choices for the average player right off the bat.

Of course, we also encourage our readers to not only rely on our judgment in our casino reviews but to also form their own impression. However, there are some names that stand out especially for Irish players. Let's take this opportunity to present a selection of online casinos that players will learn much more about throughout the website.

Wunderino -


Wunderino is a globally recognized gambling enterprise, renowned for its international presence. It is an open secret within the industry that a significant portion of the casino's success can be attributed to its Irish players. Upon visiting the website, it becomes evident why the brand resonates so strongly with the Irish audience. The popularity of Sofort, the most well-known deposit option, is instantly recognizable. Additionally, the inclusion of Paysafecard, alongside other widely embraced payment methods such as credit and debit cards, further cements its appeal within the Irish market.

The game selection is the main attraction. There are well over a thousand amazing titles from various game developers, providing plenty of variety. Irish players definitely appreciate this. However, Wunderino also offers a great range of casino games for gamblers from other countries. The Irish favorites like Book of Dead and Ramses Book, which draw inspiration from the popular Novoline slots, are highly favored by players.

The popularity of Wunderino is also based on the fact that it performs well in all key areas of the online casino operation. Live chat support is readily provided as a standard feature, although not available 24/7, it greatly contributes to assisting players during peak times. Additionally, Wunderino holds a license with the Malta Gaming Authority, which is among the most reputable and respected licensing bodies for gambling in the European Union.

The loyalty program for regular customers impresses those who are impressed by the welcome offer and appreciate the loyalty program for regular customers who choose to stay. Collecting loyalty points with every wager at the slot machines and table games – and of course, at the live casino as well – is the name of the game. The more you play, the greater and better the rewards become.

Mobile gamers who primarily use their tablets or smartphones will be delighted with the extensive selection of games offered on our user-friendly mobile website and downloadable apps for both Android and iOS devices. With hundreds of games available, players can enjoy a seamless gaming experience wherever they go. Our responsive design ensures optimal performance and easy navigation, guaranteeing that mobile gaming enthusiasts have access to their favorite games at their fingertips. Whether you prefer playing on a tablet or a smartphone, our platform caters to your gaming needs with a diverse range of titles to choose from. Embrace the convenience of mobile gaming and explore the vast world of entertainment that awaits you.

Sunmaker -


Sunmaker is a prominent figure in the realm of Irish online casinos, revered as a top-tier establishment when it comes to gambling. The casino is owned and operated by PlayCherry, a Swedish gambling enterprise that has carved a niche for itself by tailoring its offerings to suit individual countries. Whether it be in Sweden, Finland, Norway, or any other nation, PlayCherry ensures that each market is catered to with at least one casino that perfectly aligns with its distinctive characteristics.

And so, Sunmaker offers exactly what Irish players are looking for. In addition to a vast selection of casino games and an incredible live casino experience, Sunmaker even includes sports betting in their portfolio. The focal point at Sunmaker is the collection of slots from NetEnt. There is no NetEnt game that cannot be played at Sunmaker. To ensure that there is never a lack of variety, Sunmaker also collaborates with a multitude of other providers.

One aspect that we truly admire about Sunmaker is its ability to constantly adapt to the market. This provider initially gained recognition as the go-to destination for all fans of Merkur slot machines. However, when these games became unavailable to Irish online players, Sunmaker swiftly managed to fill the gap with excellent alternatives. What impresses us the most is Sunmaker's knack for finding suitable substitutes and ensuring a seamless gaming experience for its users.

In the past, Magic Mirror II and Eye of Horus were among the most popular slots on the website. Nowadays, Book of Dead and Fruit-Shop have taken the lead by storm. The tides have shifted, and these two games have become the go-to favorites for players. With their captivating themes and thrilling gameplay, Book of Dead and Fruit-Shop have captured the hearts of many. Experience the excitement and immerse yourself in these top-notch slot adventures that reign supreme in the world of online gaming. Join the ranks of countless players who have found immense joy and big wins with Book of Dead and Fruit-Shop. Don't miss out on the action!

Sunmaker is one of the most user-friendly online casinos currently available to Irish players, thanks to its simple yet effective layout. It stands out for its fast payout system and regular promotions, while also undergoing regular security and fairness checks by independent organizations.

Omni Slots -

Omni Slots

If the reputation of a casino among players is the most important criterion, then the highly esteemed Omni Slots is the perfect destination. However, this provider also pleasantly stands out from the crowd with the quantity and quality of casino games. And Irish players, in particular, benefit from this in two ways, as slots and table games are among the most popular at Omni Slots in our country.

There are no authentic Merkur or Novoline slots available here, but one can hardly blame Omni Slots for that, as they are blocked everywhere for Irish players. What truly makes Omni Slots a truly perfect online casino in the eyes of players is the first-class substitute for our favorites from Merkur and Novoline. In addition to the good to very good games from Microgaming and NetEnt, we find here the slot machines from Gamomat, Endorphina, and others. There is truly something for every taste and player.

The section dedicated to deposits and withdrawals could potentially benefit from further enhancements. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that our critique in this regard is minor, as the positive aspects greatly outweigh any shortcomings.

The variety of payment methods available is extensive, and there is certainly no shortage of options for deposits and withdrawals. The withdrawal limits are generously set at €5,000 per day and €25,000 per month. However, it would be ideal if withdrawals could be processed a bit faster, as the 24-hour waiting period is unfortunately only average. There are a few Irish online casinos that handle this aspect more efficiently.

On the flip side, 24 hours is not the end of the world. The benefits of Omni Slots outweigh and easily compensate for these minor delays. Conversely, the advantages of Omni Slots far exceed the inconvenience of waiting for a day. It's important to remember that 24 hours is a small price to pay for the exceptional features and perks that Omni Slots offers. These slight delays should not overshadow the numerous advantages that come with being part of the Omni Slots community. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that a mere 24-hour wait is inconsequential when compared to the wealth of benefits that Omni Slots provides.

Rizk -


Rizk is a popular choice throughout Europe, not necessarily typical of Ireland. With its many diverse gambling licenses, this online casino can offer its games on almost every continent. The license from the Malta Gaming Authority is the most interesting and important for players from Ireland. Thanks to this regulatory permission, Rizk can be trusted with confidence. With additional approvals from Sweden, Curacao, or the United Kingdom, there are no doubts that it meets the requirements of some of the most significant regulatory authorities.

For those who prioritize variety above all else, Rizk is an absolute must. This online casino offers a greater selection of games than any other provider featured on this page. While there isn't a specific focus on slots for Irish players, there is no shortage of modern and innovative gameplay with NetEnt, Play'n Go, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil. No matter what casino game comes to mind, if Rizk doesn't have it, no one does.

Given its abundance of quality and quantity, it's no surprise that this casino deserves top marks.

However, we are far from done with the highlights at Rizk. This online casino is also renowned for its lightning-fast payment processing. The majority of withdrawal requests are processed and approved within an hour. With its level-based loyalty program and the complementary Wheel of Rizk, it is the perfect destination for devoted players. Every wager made earns players additional points. Upon reaching a new level, they are guaranteed at least one spin on the casino's wheel of fortune. Here, it is possible to win free spins, super spins, or even the €1,000 jackpot.

While these loyalty rewards are subject to chance, that's nothing unfamiliar to us casino players. Here, we would like to emphasize the positive aspect that all winnings are credited without any bothersome wagering requirements.

The availability of customer support is constant throughout the week, operating 24/7, and the mobile version of the website performs just as efficiently as its desktop counterpart. While it may be unlikely to find an online casino that is 100% flawless, Rizk comes remarkably close to achieving that. For those who don't mind playing in a more internationally oriented casino, we would definitely recommend Rizk.