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Novoline is a name that cannot be overlooked when it comes to gambling in Ireland. Particularly, players who started their hobby in one of the many arcades and gambling halls swear by this manufacturer. Some of Novoline's slot machines are among the most successful in Europe, breaking records in terms of game rounds, revenue, or winnings. Therefore, it is not surprising that Novoline is considered one of the heavyweight players in the industry worldwide. Whether the player's heart beats for video slots, fruit machines, or anything else with reels, Novoline has the perfect game in its lineup. And there are no signs that they want to rest on their laurels of past success. Novoline will continue to dominate the gambling scene in the future, that much is certain.

The history of Novoline

For those who played slot machines before the rise of online casinos, Novoline is likely the first term that comes to mind when it comes to gambling. Many of the iconic slots have now achieved cult status. This is also due to the reputation that Novoline has earned through its high quality, which is emblematic of its entire range of products. They are considered one of the top providers of slot machines not only in Ireland but also throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.

The corporate group behind Novoline, Novomatic, was established in Austria in 1980 by Johann Graf. Back then, the main focus was initially on importing pinball machines from Belgium and distributing them across Austria. Johann Graf, being one of the pioneers, recognized the immense potential of gambling, giving birth to Novomatic. The first slot machines were introduced in casinos and gaming establishments across Austria. With its rapidly growing popularity, the company swiftly expanded its presence into Ireland. In no time, it became the leading provider of slot machines and other casino products in the Irish-speaking region.

Nowadays, in addition to Novoline, we can find other well-known brands from the gambling industry under the parent company Novomatic. With over 19,000 employees worldwide, they are one of the largest gambling enterprises globally. Novomatic's slot machines and other casino games can be found in more than 70 countries today.

Given the success of the company in land-based casinos, arcades, and gaming halls, it is somewhat surprising that the expansion into online gambling came later on as a significant individual product. While early pioneers like Microgaming, Playtech, and others made a name for themselves among online players, Novoline focused on its dominant position in offline slots and casino games. However, this changed in 2010 when the Novomatic group acquired Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, a company founded in 1998, providing an ideal pedigree in the online arena.

To establish an equal standing online as in the brick-and-mortar casinos, this acquisition aimed to provide the necessary support. Undoubtedly an ambitious objective, but Greentube undeniably emerged as the perfect ally to achieve this feat.

While many online slot providers start with nothing but ideas and visions, Greentube was able to immediately draw from the wealth of successful Novomatic slot machines. Especially the numerous iconic slot machines that had proven their worth in casinos far and wide were quickly adapted for online casinos with enhanced graphics and sound. It comes as no surprise that slots like Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot quickly became the most sought-after casino games online as well.

Nowadays, the design and development of all Novoline slots focus on ensuring seamless availability both in brick-and-mortar casinos and online platforms. While many games were already among the most popular titles in Europe, their increasing presence in online casinos has further contributed to their widespread appeal. This has significantly boosted their popularity, thanks to the rising prevalence in online gaming establishments.

However, things are not quite as simple here in Ireland. For a long time, Ireland has been one of the key markets for Novoline's online slot machines. However, due to the legal situation, particularly regarding the unclear regulations, Novoline decided to disable its games for Irish players. It must be noted that the majority of Novoline's profits are not generated online, but rather through traditional slot machines in gaming halls. The reason behind this decision is primarily to avoid risking their dominance until the legal situation is conclusively clarified.

It is what it is, plain and simple. At this moment, as we pen down this article, Irish players are unable to access genuine Novoline online slots. However, rest assured that we will keep our readers informed as soon as there are any developments in this matter.

Fortunately, Novoline's long-term success has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, the company has not only captivated numerous players but also caught the attention of many other software providers. Although Irish players may not have access to their beloved authentic Novoline games, there are plenty of options available that bring together similar gameplay, design, and features. These games hold a prominent spot on our website. We firmly believe that even die-hard Novoline fans will find these titles appealing.

The top Novoline games in Ireland

With such an abundance of excellence, it becomes a challenge to make a choice. Novoline offers hundreds of marvelous slot machines in its repertoire. Dozens of slot machines have achieved cult status among us players.

The sheer popularity serves as an excellent indicator for singling out the finest and most beloved slots. In this selection, one would fruitlessly seek out lesser-known games. It is likely that nearly every Irish player has tried their luck on at least one of the following slots.

Book of Ra

Book of Ra

Let's start with the absolute heavyweight that outshines every other slot machine. We're talking about Book of Ra, the biggest and best title ever released by Novoline. If you were to add up all the game rounds played with this slot, both online and in physical casinos, this slot would belong to the most played machines of all time. Book of Ra embodies everything that makes a slot game, like no other. That's why it is still one of the most popular slot machines in casinos and gaming halls today.

If a game or concept can establish itself in the competitive market, then naturally, the manufacturers will attempt to exploit this concept even further. This may come in the form of sequels or, as in the case of Book of Ra, an entire series of related slots. The popularity of book-themed slots is almost exclusively due to this game series. Nowadays, these game mechanics have even surpassed the once-beloved fruit slots in popularity. In addition to the original Book of Ra video slot, players now have a plethora of related and similar games at their disposal.

Book of Ra Deluxe adopts the concept and style while showcasing superior animations and slightly optimized gameplay mechanics. The Book of Ra 6 version amplified the already high volatility by offering players the option to activate a sixth reel. This not only promises more frequent bonus rounds but also more extensions during them. One of the latest iterations is called Book of Ra Magic. The gameplay mechanics remain largely the same, but the bonus round has been further expanded. If players manage to hit three or more scatter symbols again during the free spins, they will receive an additional bonus symbol along with 10 extra spins. And this could truly be financially rewarding in the end.

In nearly every iteration of Book of Ra, the focus revolves around the bonus round and the potential massive winnings. Regardless of which edition of Book of Ra you engage with, the objective remains the same: to land 3 or more Book of Ra symbols. This triggers the free spins feature, coupled with a randomly selected bonus symbol, which is responsible for the truly substantial victories.

A screen filled with bonus symbols, known as a full screen, is highly possible. Even though Book of Ra only comes with up to 9 or 10 paylines, one should never underestimate its potential.

The most beloved rendition of the game is Book of Ra Deluxe. This slot machine is simply timeless, as its quality and gameplay mechanics continue to captivate audiences even after years have passed. It is a testament to its enduring appeal that players still find themselves enthralled by its charm and excitement.

Since its release in 2008, thousands of new slot games have been launched, yet amidst them all, this legend of the casino gaming industry reigns supreme.

Sizzling Hot

Sizzling Hot

Novoline is renowned for its exceptional contemporary video slots. However, when it comes to classic fruit machines, they possess a wealth of expertise and experience. Few other game developers can match Novoline in this aspect. Although the selection of classic slots is vast, there is one name that stands out in terms of popularity - Sizzling Hot.

What made the fruit slots from Novomatic undoubtedly so successful among players were the innovative impulses given to their games. Just because a classic fruit machine comes with three reels, it doesn't mean you have to stick to it like glue. Despite some additions made to the fruit slots, Novoline always managed to make the gameplay itself as simple and intuitive as possible. This can be seen, for example, through the variety of symbols. Traditional fruit slots offer cherries, lemons, maybe even sevens, and a few other symbols. Novoline brought in a breath of fresh air by incorporating gameplay mechanics and concepts that had proven successful in modern video slots.

Sizzling Hot serves as a prime example in this regard. However, it's not just the layout with 5 reels that sets it apart, as we see in the case of Book of Ra and other popular video slots. Novoline's slots are almost always easily accessible and instantly understandable. Even players who have never played a Novoline slot before feel right at home due to its intuitive game design. And Sizzling Hot Deluxe, the most popular version, is no exception. With 5 paylines but no bonus features, the entire gameplay focuses on the base game. Thanks to valuable symbols, some of which even appear stacked, there are high potential winnings waiting here. That's why this slot is so beloved among players who seek the prospect of significant payouts during a fast and uncomplicated round.

Just like how the different versions of Book of Ra inspired other similar games with additional features, twists, and tweaks, players can always look forward to a fantastic game of fruit slots when they come across a Novoline slot with "Hot" in its name. Always Hot, Hot Chance, Red Hot Repeater, and many more bring variety to the genre of fruit machines. Whether it's intriguing betting systems, bonus features, or highly rewarding winning combinations, there is something for every taste here. For players who enjoy simple, entertaining, and easily accessible fruit slots, there is no better series than the various versions of Sizzling Hot. It's no wonder that the success of Novomatic is not only based on Book of Ra, Lord of the Ocean, and others, but also on these slots.

Lucky Lady’s Charm

Lucky Lady's Charm

Although Lucky Lady's Charm has never been able to rival the throne of Book of Ra, it still remains one of the most played video slots of all time. This game is another true classic from Novoline and is likely familiar to most Irish gamblers. Even though the story of Book of Ra takes place in Egypt, this slot is not so dissimilar to the blockbuster. The main theme revolves around all kinds of lucky charms, such as horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and of course, the mysterious (and stunningly beautiful) Lady Luck herself. The comic-like style immediately appeals, and the gameplay mechanics are instantly familiar. The menus and options are designed similarly to all other Novoline games, which makes it even easier to get started. One thing is clear: Novoline's success is also heavily influenced by consistency. Once you've played a slot from the Austrians, you'll feel comfortable with all their other games as well.

The employee from Novoline who came up with the idea to relaunch the company's most popular titles in deluxe format is likely to have received a considerable salary increase for this stroke of genius. Interestingly, the already impressive successes of Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot were surpassed once again with the deluxe versions. And the same applies to Lucky Lady's Charm as well.

When entering a Irish gaming hall nowadays, it is highly likely that visitors will come across Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe more frequently than its original version. This trend is understandable, given that the deluxe editions offer significantly more added value. Besides the enhanced graphics and improved sound, these versions also introduce new gameplay mechanics, such as an increased number of paylines.

Just as Book of Ra laid the foundation for Book of Ra 6 with its additional reel, Lucky Lady's Charm also had an influence on subsequent games, albeit on a larger scale. We are, of course, referring to Lucky Lady's Charm 10. The most popular online version of this classic offers 10 reels along with 12 rows and a full 100 paylines. For fans, the version called Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe 6 is certainly of interest, as it, like its Book of Ra equivalent, provides the option to activate a sixth reel, further increasing the volatility.

Master of the Sea

Lord of the Ocean

Lord of the Ocean is another flagship of the Novoline series. However, while the other blockbusters all received new versions or sequels, it seems that Novoline was completely satisfied with Lord of the Ocean in its current form. There is no deluxe version available, but that's not even necessary since Lord of the Ocean was released in 2008 and is already on par with the other upgraded slots in terms of technology. This becomes evident not only from the graphics and animations but also from the fact that Lord of the Ocean features 10 paylines. The theme of the slot, an underwater world, seems to be very popular among other slot machine manufacturers as well. Novoline also has some impressive horses in the stable with Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe and many others.

Similar to many of Novoline's most popular video slots, the base game acts as an appetizer. It's nice to whet your appetite, but everyone really looks forward to the main course in the form of free spins and bonus rounds. In Lord of the Ocean, this is unsurprisingly triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols. And just like in Book of Ra, players not only rejoice at receiving 10 free spins but also at the randomly selected bonus symbol.

Though the graphics in Lord of the Ocean are stunningly beautiful and refreshingly unique, the mechanics have been directly borrowed from Book of Ra Deluxe. But does that mean we can blame Novoline? After all, book-themed slots are undeniably captivating and inspiring. And the success and cult status that Lord of the Ocean also enjoys certainly vindicate them.