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The top-rated Play'n Go casinos in Ireland

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Online slots are a hub of creativity and innovation in the Irish gambling industry, even beyond the well-known names. Among the top choices today is the promising company, Play'n Go. While they may not yet rival the giants in terms of game selection, Play'n Go certainly plays in the same league when it comes to quality, innovation, and creativity. Players in search of fresh gaming concepts will undoubtedly appreciate their slots. With their impressive new releases, Play'n Go continues to make waves in the industry. It's worth keeping an eye on this game provider.

The story of Play'n Go

Play'n Go's company history may not be nearly as long as Novoline's and Merkur's, but it is still very interesting in its own way. Unlike most established companies, Play'n Go took a completely different path. The studio was originally founded to create games for other companies. In other words, the folks at Play'n Go handled everything from development to design, while another company ultimately released the title under their own name and took all the credit. Just like ghostwriters write books for authors, Play'n Go initially offered its services to other gambling companies. While they were already creating good games, they didn't receive the recognition they deserved. Although they were providing top-notch games even back then, they didn't receive the attention they rightfully deserved.

Only in 2008 did the company achieve a real breakthrough with Gunslinger, emerging on players' radars. The setting in the Wild West proved to be an absolute stroke of luck. The cartoon-like graphics and innovative bonus features, such as a shooting range, added to its appeal. Even today, Gunslinger remains among the top 100 most played slots in some countries. Its medium volatility and cool, varied bonus features continue to captivate players years after its initial release.

Other games such as Riches of Ra, Leprechaun Goes Egypt, and Dragon Ship also received positive feedback, but they only had moderate success. Perhaps they were simply ahead of their time. However, in 2014, Play'n Go conquered online casinos with a true blockbuster. Even players who don't have much association with Play'n Go are familiar with this title. Of course, we're talking about Book of Dead. Especially in Ireland, where Book of Ra is the most played slot of all time, the machine was extremely well-received. Because Book of Dead offers the same features as its great predecessor, but also shines with better animations and higher winning chances!

Book of Dead has been a tremendous success, not only for the players themselves, but also for Play'n Go. Since its release, this slot machine has become one of the top five most played online slots in Europe. Reports suggest that this game alone accounts for over half of Play'n Go's annual revenue to this day. Therefore, it is only natural that we will delve into this slot in more detail at a later point.

Since then, the provider has been considered one of the most significant players in the gambling industry. Far from resting on their laurels, they continued to make waves with additional outstanding releases, now including table games. It's truly ironic that the greatest success of a company renowned for its creativity and innovative spirit is based on a superior imitation of another slot. However, riding the coattails of Book of Dead, many modern and groundbreaking slots from Play'n Go also managed to establish themselves in online casinos. In the following, we will highlight the differences from the traditional heavyweights.

The most popular Play'n Go games in Ireland

Play'n Go has become a household name not only in Ireland but throughout Europe with the release of Book of Dead. Let's take a closer look at the finest and most renowned games that have seen the light of day so far. While other developers like Microgaming and NetEnt may still release a considerably larger number of titles each month, Play'n Go has significantly upped its game. When it comes to quality, they take center stage in the concert of casino game providers. As a result, players often anticipate new releases with even more longing than Apple fans awaiting the latest iPhones.

However fantastic the new games may be time and time again, it is the classics and titles on the path to cult status that truly leave a lasting impression. That is why we focus our selection precisely on these.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead

After receiving so much praise in advance, let's start with the most popular Play'n Go games, of course, Book of Dead. We may not be able to speak for everyone, but most players from Ireland have at least spent a few rounds with the various variations of Book of Ra. However, it's more likely that they've spun the reels a few hundred times or even more. Equally, we don't want to get into the discussion of whether it's morally justifiable to simply take the concept of the most popular Novoline slot and present it in a slightly modified form. But there is a proverb that says success gives right to those who have it.

The visual aspect sets Book of Dead apart from Book of Ra, with Play'n Go renowned for incorporating top-notch artwork and captivating smooth animations into their games. Additionally, there is a temporal advantage to consider, as Book of Ra Deluxe is a whole 6 years older. It is no wonder that the visual impression is simply superior, more vibrant, and more contemporary.

However, apart from that, the mechanics and features that have made Novoline's game so special are identical. The game offers up to 10 paylines with a vast range of potential wager amounts. The high volatility ensures that as players, our natural aim is to land three or more scatter symbols to trigger the free spins with the bonus symbol.

Although there are some particularly significant wins in the base game, especially when Rich Wilde, the titular character of this game, is part of a winning combination. The symbols that extend across the reels and come into play during free spins are absolutely crucial to the success of every player. This bonus symbol is randomly selected when the free spins are triggered. Whenever it lands on one or more reels, it expands across the other two positions. Depending on the symbol, just 2 or 3 bonus symbols anywhere on the reels are enough to win. But here's the kicker: the symbols don't have to be adjacent and form complete paylines from left to right. If you have a bonus symbol on the first, third, and fifth reels, you'll still get paid – for every active payline!

Given this success, it's somewhat surprising that Play'n Go hasn't released a sequel. After all, Novoline and Merkur have successfully shown that the Book of Ra universe offers enough room for many more blockbuster slots. A wild guess would be that Play'n Go believes they have already relied too heavily on Novoline. A Book of Dead 6 or Book of Dead Deluxe would probably just be one too many. On the other hand, the success of Book of Dead is already incredibly huge. So why create additional competition for their best horse in the stable?



If an adaptation of Book of Ra is so well received by players, it would be logical to also consider copying other Novoline slots. However, clones of Lord of the Ocean or Lucky Lady's Charms are nowhere to be found in Play n Go's game selection. Instead, they excel in offering innovations and creativity that resonate with players.

The frequently used comic style has proven to be a hit on the reels and, above all, it has worked wonders for Reactoonz. Each new spin brings new aliens onto the reels, and they look incredibly amazing. Reactoonz is played on a 7x7 grid, rather than the traditional 5 reels, giving us a whopping 49 responsive symbols on the screen. Once at least 5 identical symbols align horizontally or vertically, the graphical spectacle truly begins. If you're familiar with NetEnt's cluster pays principle, you'll feel right at home. It's not just visually appealing, but the chain reactions also lead to the biggest wins. The winning combinations disappear from the game board, and new adorable symbols literally fall from outer space. The more chain reactions occur, the more the Quantum Leap Meter on the side of the screen fills up. We'll delve into this bonus feature later.

However, let's first take a look at the additional symbols. First and foremost, we have to mention the extraordinary symbols, which can be left behind after chain reactions. These symbols have the ability to substitute any other alien and can also be a part of various winning combinations at the same time. Multipliers for winnings are formed from four identically arranged square-shaped aliens.

But let's get back to the Quantum Leap Meter. Each chemical reaction - every gain - fills it up more and more. When it's full, special functions are activated. Even though we have a slot here with "only" medium volatility, the transformations of symbols and additional wild symbols already bring very high profits. The last stage is reserved for the Gargantoon. 2 3x3 grid wild symbols, it's clear to everyone, ensure truly maximum wins. But even more: they subsequently break down into smaller wild symbols and keep the chain reaction going even further. This feature alone makes the game worthwhile.

Admittedly, the idea might sound a bit unconventional. Conservative players and especially fans of the classic Novoline slots may hesitate at first. However, those who embrace this excitement will embark on a bizarre adventure filled with endless variety. Play n Go showcases with Reactoonz just how remarkably creative one can be in crafting slot machines. The game truly proves to be a testament to their ingenuity.

Raging Rex

Raging Rex

Even great games sometimes take years to establish themselves in online casinos. Raging Rex, on the other hand, was released in early 2019 and has already secured a prominent position among the most played slots in Ireland and beyond. This achievement is undoubtedly owed to Book of Dead. Players who enjoy this title are often not hesitant to try out new games from Play'n Go as well. Raging Rex also excels in other aspects. With this game, Play'n Go demonstrated their dedication to fulfilling players' desires. And what do players desire above all else? Enormous winnings, and this highly volatile slot is designed precisely for that purpose.

Despite not being one of the graphical highlights we usually see from Play'n Go, Raging Rex does leave a visually appealing overall impression. However, it's important to adjust one's expectations in terms of graphics. The focus here is not on the visuals, but on the impressive gameplay mechanics. High volatility and the resulting potential for significant winnings are clearly at the forefront. With that in mind, let's move on to the facts: 6 reels and 4,096 potential winning combinations with every spin speak volumes.

In Raging Rex, everything is on a much larger scale than what we, as players, are usually accustomed to. Of course, there are wild and scatter symbols, as well as free spins. And as expected, it is the latter that bring in the truly big wins in this slot game. Players can actually influence these outcomes, as they are allowed to choose from various options. For instance, the "Wild Hunt" option offers high win multipliers, while in "Primal Rage," stacked symbols dominate the reels.

If you enjoy playing games like Book of Ra 6 and similar casino games, then Raging Rex is the perfect choice for you. This absolute blockbuster slot is offered by almost all leading online casinos in Ireland. As enthusiastic casino players ourselves, we highly recommend giving it a few spins.



Play'n Go has successfully implemented the concept of blending puzzle games with slot machines before introducing Reactoonz. This particular title is called Gemix and was released after the initial success of Book of Dead. One might assume that Play'n Go would primarily focus on classic 5-reel, 3-row slots. However, Gemix aimed to inject new energy into the casino landscape. The learning curve for players who primarily spent their time on machines like Book of Dead was certainly not insignificant. Gemix deviates from high volatility and an all-or-nothing mentality.

Visually, Gemix embodies the classic Play'n Go slot style. The vibrant and distinct colors, along with easily recognizable symbols, instantly captivate players. And rightly so, because with 7 x 7 grids, just like Reactoonz, one must keep an eye on 49 symbols. Here, frequent wins are the norm, making it an exhilarating experience.

It is worth noting that this game reminds us of adventure casinos like Casumo, like few others. The concept of Gemix includes different worlds and levels, making it inherently intriguing and captivating. Such creativity naturally sets the perfect stage for Play'n Go to shine in terms of graphics. However, this should not distract from the fact that the gameplay mechanics themselves are very intuitive. Those who have already played Reactoonz will immediately feel at home here. But even other players will quickly become familiar, despite the absence of paylines. The concept of clusters, which must consist of at least 5 symbols, is simple yet effective.

Apart from the wild symbols and multipliers, there is no standalone bonus round. Instead, a progressive element has been incorporated to provide long-term motivation for players. The various magnificently designed sections of the game not only serve as visual entertainment but also offer more. Each world provides its own jackpot that players can crack by achieving winning combinations on marked fields. Subsequently, players move on to new sections of the game that consistently offer jackpots. Those who have a winning streak and traverse from world to world swiftly will reap significantly greater benefits.

With two puzzle games already among Play'n Go's most famous slots, it's not surprising that there are plenty of similar titles in the rest of their offering. However, Play'n Go aims for more. On the one hand, mobile playability is their focus. But above all, the minds behind Play'n Go prioritize creativity and variety. In this regard, Book of Dead should be seen as an exception to the rule and much more as an example of quality.